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Our tutors go through a rigorous 2-stage application process.

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Students grades improve considerably with Caledonia Tutors.

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7 Reasons to Choose Caledonia Tutors

Learn from the Best

Our Tutors are consistently high achievers. Their achievements include: ‘Top 10 Advanced Higher results in Scotland’, ‘Highest Higher and Advanced Higher Maths marks in Scotland’, 2017-2019 Planck’s winners and 19 ‘Best in Year’ University awards.

A Service You Can Trust

All Caledonia Tutors undergo a rigorous 2-stage application and interview process, have PVG certificates and possess proof of all qualifications and certificates.

Free Initial Meeting

Upon request, a free 15 minute meeting with a tutor can be arranged. This allows the student and parent to ensure the tutor is the correct match for them, and allows the tutor to assess the student’s unique requirements. *Unavailable February-May*

24/7 Help Service

Close to assignment deadlines, prelims and exams, students can contact their tutor directly to ask for revision guidance or solutions to problems. This allows student’s revision to stay on track and keeps motivation high.

Access our Resources

From the first lesson students have access to all of our tutor’s resources. Full course notes, revision sheets, worksheets, homeworks and past papers are available for the sciences and maths.

A Tutor and a Role Model

Belonging to the same generation helps tutors make genuine friendships with their students, boosting their enthusiasm for learning. As undergraduates and recent graduates they often inspire students to choose similar courses at university.

Adaptable, Reliable Tutors

Tutors have worked with students at every stage of their educational journey. We have tutored students with learning difficulties (ADHD, Dyscalculia and Dyslexia), students requiring a C pass for a University place and students aiming for A1s for Oxbridge applications. 

Our Services

Experts In Every Subject

We offer tuition in most Secondary level subjects as well as Primary English, Maths and Science. We can also help with university applications and admissions tests. Free group Maths lessons via Zoom are run in the weeks approaching prelims and the final exam.

We are available to teach in-person in Edinburgh and Glasgow, and online across all of Scotland.

Individual Subjects

Headstart Courses (Summer only)

Free Weekly Zoom Maths Lessons

University Applications

Test Preparation

Headstart Courses

Available April – September 2023

  • National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher levels.
  • 20 hours spread over 5 weeks (recommended).
  • 1-1 Online lessons
  • Covers 30-40% of the course prior to the start of the new term in August.
  • Give your son/daughter a head start for the upcoming academic year.
  • Lesson timetable, length and content is flexible and will be tailored to suit the student’s needs.

Headstart for Biology

Headstart for Chemistry

Headstart for English

Headstart for Maths

Headstart for Physics

Our Subjects

Core Subjects


National 5 English is required for almost all University courses. English tutors study subjects such as English and Scottish Literature, Classics, Linguistics, and Philosophy. English tutors share a passion for the English language and all of its facets, and aim to help students develop their own passion for the subject.

Additional Subjects: A Level English, EFL.

Primary, S1-2, Nat 4, Nat 5, Higher, Advanced Higher

Tutors: Becca, Caitlin L, Caitlin W, Carlotta, Catriona, Douglas Mi, Ebele, Fergus, Finn, Freya, Georgia B, Gracie, Harriet, Jennifer, Kunmi, Nicole, Olivia, Sam, Zelda and more.


Almost 50% of the enquiries we receive are for Maths tutoring. Maths tutors study subjects such as Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Physics. Maths is a rich and stimulating subject. It develops logical reasoning, analytical and problem solving skills, creativity and the ability to think in abstract ways.

Additional Subjects: Mathematics of Mechanics, Life Skills Maths, GCSE/A Level Maths, Statistics.

Primary, S1-2, Nat 4, Nat 5, Higher, Advanced Higher

Tutors: Aishee, Aleta, Alex, Allan, Alvaro, Anisha, Anna, Ben, Dáire, Daniel, Douglas Mo, Eleftherios, Emily R, Freddie J, Hannah N, Hermione, Jenn A, Jack S, Leston, Lucy, Nadia, Olive, Rachel J, Rachel N, Tom, Virginia and more.



Biology is the science of life. Biology tutors study Biological Sciences, Biomedical Sciences and Medicine. Students who excel in Biology frequently become Vets, Pharmacists and Research Scientists.

Human Biology tuition is also offered.

S1-2, Nat 4, Nat 5, Higher, Advanced Higher

Tutors: Ada, Aleks, Andrew, Calum, Flora, Heloise, Layla, Mary, Panayiotis, Robbie, Ross, Victoria and more.


Chemistry is the study of the substances of which matter is composed, the investigation of their properties and reactions. Chemistry tutors study Chemical Engineering, Chemistry and Medicine. Higher Chemistry is an essential subject for prospective Chemical Engineering, Chemistry and Medicine applicants.  

S1-2, Nat 4, Nat 5, Higher, Advanced Higher

Tutors: Aidan J, Aimee, Alice, Ellie, Emily T, Eszter, Eve, Freya M, Maya, Niall, Nikki, Nina, Rosie, Sonia and more.


Physics is the study of matter and energy. It is one of the most fundamental science disciplines. Physics is the third most popular subject we offer tuition for, behind Maths and English. Physics tutors are generally Physics, Astrophysics and Geophysics undergraduates.

S1-2, Nat 4, Nat 5, Higher, Advanced Higher

Tutors: Abbie, Aoibhinn, Ben L, David, Fareha, Hattie, Innis, Jacob, Kirsty, Lisa, Martha, Nadia, Robert, Struan and more.

Computer Science

A central topic within Computer Science, coding, is fast becoming one of the most important skills for a young person to develop. Computer Science tutors are Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence undergraduates. We encourage students to try coding, and will be offering dedicated coding courses in the future.

S1-2, Nat 4, Nat 5, Higher, Advanced Higher

Tutors: Iain, Steven and more.

Other Subjects

Business Management

Business is one of the most popular undergraduate degrees. Business graduates often go on to work for major banks and consumer technology companies. Secondary school Business Management gives students a good foundation of the basic principles of business that are expanded upon at university.

Nat 4, Nat 5, Higher, Advanced Higher

Tutors: Ameilia, Anna W, Cara, Jana and more.

Classical and Modern Languages

In an increasingly diverse and multicultural world, languages form an integral part of students’ education. Languages tutors are either dedicated foreign language tutors or are fluent in the language they teach.

Languages Offered: French, German, Italian, Latin, Mandarin, Spanish.

S1-2, Nat 4, Nat 5, Higher, Advanced Higher

Tutors: Caitlin W, Carlotta, Clara, Clare, Heloise, Jenna, Tessa and more.

Social Sciences

Social Sciences are the scientific study of human society and social relationships. Social Science tutors study subjects such as Classics, Philosophy and Psychology. 

Subjects Offered: Economics, History, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology.

Nat 4, Nat 5, Higher, Advanced Higher

Tutors: Daniel, Ema, Gracie, Nicole and Ruby.


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Customer Reviews

Caledonia Tutors

Customer Reviews

Nicola Charles 8th October 2023

English Summer Tutoring
My son had Georgia over the summer as a tutor and he really enjoyed the sessions. We decided to get him some tutoring because he got 3/30 in one of his tests. He did a similar test recently and scored 17/30, so a huge improvement. He is going to continue with English for the rest of his Nat 5 year.

Paul I 4th October 2023

Fantastic services provided by Caledonia Tutors and especially Hermione the Maths Tutor. Hermione did a great job tutoring my daughter to achieve her Nat 5 grade when at one stage before her help all hope of a pass grade seemed lost. The weekly lessons were structured very well and flexible to suit both needs and when required, wouldn’t hesitate to recommend both Caledonia and Hermione!!

Mrs Amanda Hay 27th September 2023

Cannot rate Caledonia Tutors highly enough. In particular , Georgia who is outstanding ! My daughter went from a no award for her Nat5 English prelim to an ‘A’ in the final exam - she is absolutely delighted ! Georgia is a lovely girl who is patient and understanding of all things teenage , and also is a natural when it comes to imparting knowledge . My normally very socially awkward daughter absolutely loves her . Aidan at Caledonia Tutors is excellent at selecting the correct tutor for each individual .Would highly recommend, we are using again this year for Higher !

Trish 22nd August 2023

Higher English Tutor - Alannah
I couldn't be more pleased with my daughters Higher English tutor - Alannah. She was exactly what she needed, understanding her gaps and explaining them so thoroughly. She helped her so much. Thank-you

ShaM 21st August 2023

Excellent Professional Tutoring
Brilliant professional company, offering first class tutoring by university students. We used Catriona G, for tutoring Biology and Chemistry. Catriona helped with with my daughter’s understanding of the subjects and she gained grades A for both in her final exams. Catriona was knowledgeable, relatable, and helpful. I highly recommend Catriona and Caledonia Tutors.

helpfuldad 16th August 2023

Excellent French tutor and organisation
Caledonia tutors was recommended when we were looking for a French tutor for my daughter who was sitting Scottish Highers. The process of finding and arranging regular tutoring sessions was very easy. Clare Stadnik is an amazing teacher. Very organised and put my daughter at ease from the get go. Clare instilled confidence in my daughter for Higher French and when the results came we were all thrilled! A grade in French! Thank you Clare and Aidan. Highly recommended.

Nicholas Clark 11th August 2023

Lucy undertook tutoring for our daughter for N5 maths this year. She did a fantastic job and our daughters result reflected Lucy’s hard work, dedication and ability to raise our daughters confidence to achieve in Maths. Extremely grateful. Thank you- I cannot recommend Caledonia tutors highly enough.

Kirstina Thomson 8th August 2023

I found Caledonian Tutors to be very easy and efficient to work with; from the initial emails about what we needed and expectations, to the tutor. Both Aidan Thomson and Aidan J, our Chemistry tutor were brilliant and kept us informed of progress. The results achieved speak for themselves - my son went from a pre-lim D, to an A at Nat5 thanks to the dedication and support of Aidan J and Caledonian tutors.

Rebecca Gilson 29th July 2023

Kirsty was a thorough and well prepared physics tutor. My son really enjoyed the sessions with her and found them very productive.

Ethan Cavaye 16th June 2023

Amazing experience with Gracie
Gracie was an outstanding tutor, she made my 6th year at school so much easier. She helped me through my Higher English and Drama with ease and helped me understand it so much more! Not only was gracie amazing at helping with my courses, she ws also extremely freindly, funny and caring. I definately reccomend Gracie to those needing a little extra help with their Higher english and drama! 10/10
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