Headstart Courses

Available 27th June – 21st August 2022.

What is Headstart?

Our Headstart Courses are designed to prepare students for their upcoming year of learning, by teaching them 30-40% of the course over summer. Students are then provided with a test at the end of the course, to consolidate their learning. After which tutors will provide further guidance to get them in the best position possible for the new school year. Headstart courses are offered for Biology, Chemistry, English, Maths and Physics.

Why Headstart?

Track Progress – After the 20 hours of teaching, students will have an additional hour of tutoring to go through an at-home exam that they are set at the end of the course. 

Easily Manageable  With only 4 hours teaching per week, students have plenty of time off and should feel less pressured in the new academic year. 

Ensure Success – The difficulty in progressing from Nat 5 to Higher is regularly mentioned by students. Our Headstart courses ensure students are prepared for the level of work required to have success at Nat 5/Higher. 

Be Prepared  Course notes, worksheets and practice papers are all provided.

Stay ahead  If your child wants to continue with their tutor, they will be eligible for 1 free lesson at the beginning of the new academic year.

Available Headstart Courses 2022

Scheduling Information

  • 20 hours of teaching + 1 hour end of course additional help
  • 2×2 hours sessions per week (10-15 break if required)
  • Delivered over 5-week period (breaks for holidays can be arranged)
  • Lessons are online, more info can be found on this here
  • Start Dates: 27th June-18th July (flexible if required)
  • End Dates: 5-6 weeks from chosen start date

Biology Headstart

Biology Tuition

National 5 Biology Headstart 

  • Cell Structure and Transport
  • Producing New Cells
  • DNA and Protein Production
  • Proteins and Enzymes
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Photosynthesis and Respiration

Full Course Details

Headstart Higher Biology

  • DNA Structure and Organisation
  • Replication of DNA
  • Gene Expression
  • Differentiation in Multicellular Organisms
  • Structure of the Genome
  • Mutations

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Chemistry Headstart

Chemistry Tuition

National 5 Chemistry Headstart 

  • Atoms, Elements and Compounds
  • Reaction Rates
  • The Mole and Gram Formula Mass
  • Acids, Bases and pH
  • Chemistry Calculations

Full Course Details

Headstart Higher Chemistry

  • Nat 5 Chemistry Essential Skills
  • Controlling the Rate
  • Trends in The Periodic Table 
  • Bonding of Elements 
  • Bonding of Compounds 

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English Headstart

English Tuition

National 5 English Headstart 

  • RUAE Work
  • Critical Reading
  • Folio Work
  • Developing Literary Techniques
  • Discussion of at-home assessment

Full Course Details

Headstart Higher English

  • RUAE Work
  • Critical Reading
  • Folio Work 
  • Developing Literary Techniques 
  • Discussion of at-home assessment 

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Maths Headstart

National 5 Maths Headstart 

  • Equations, Inequations and Changing the Subject of the Formula
  • Expanding Brackets, Factorising
  • Fractions, Functions, Indices and Surds
  • The Straight line
  • Statistics

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Headstart Higher Maths

  • Essential Nat 5 Skills 
  • The Straight Line 
  • Polynomials and Quadratics
  • Functions 
  • Differentiation 1
  • Integration 1 

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Physics Headstart

Physics Tuition

National 5 Physics Headstart 

  • Prefixes and Scientific Notation
  • Speed and Acceleration
  • Forces, Motion and Energy
  • Scalars and Vectors
  • Projectiles
  • Space Exploration

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Headstart Higher Physics

  • Motion: Equations and Graphs
  • Forces, Energy and Power
  • Collisions, Explosions and Impulse
  • Gravitation 
  • Gravity and Mass 
  • Special Relativity
  • The Expanding Universe

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headstart 2022 Enquiries

Contact Information

93/8 Slateford Road, EH11 1QR


07456 626962

Customer Reviews

Caledonia Tutors

Customer Reviews

Tracey Baird 24th May 2022

Caitlin (English) and Cara (business) were an excellent help for my son’s highers. Online tutoring was easy to organise and tutors responsive to contacts.

Cristian Nasri 19th May

David & Eleftherios
The tutoring I’ve had in the past months has really helped me with exams

Richard Carmichael 11th May 2022

My daughter (S2) had a great experience of maths tutoring with Caledonia Tutors. Anisha was exactly what we'd hope for in a tutor. My daughter definitely felt it helped her exam performance. Taking a break but would use again.

Tayyib Shahzad 11th May 2022

Was very helpful and found the set up ok point.

Jaggyjon 10th May 202

Excellent tutoring service which was tailored to my son’s individual requirements. Communication was excellent and everything about the service was very slick from start to finish including the clear payment process. The improvement in my son’s grades was remarkable. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

Carole Kelly 4th May 2022

Tutoring was very good
I found the tutoring to be of high quality and my son really engaged well with Allen which is unusual! My son was undertaking maths NAT 5 and I will give better placed to give a review when he gets his grade. If he passes I will be very impressed!

N.M. 4th May 2022

I am so happy I discovered Caledonia Tutors. I live in a rural area in the Highlands and was finding it hard to find a tutor for my son locally. After searching online I came across Caledonia Tutors - and I haven't looked back! I answered a few thorough questions to help them find the best tutor to suit my son's needs. Jessie has been tutoring my son in Higher Physics for the past few months and I can't speak highly enough of her. Jessie's knowledge, enthusiasm and love of her subject shines through, and she has not only helped my son with his learning of the subject but has infected him with her passion for it too - just when his was starting to wane under the pressure of looming exams! Jessie is friendly and approachable yet professional and focussed, and I would not hesitate to recommend her. Jessie: thank you - we will miss you when this is all over!
For anybody unsure about the online aspect of tutoring I would say that our young people are very familiar with using digital technology for their lessons already - many, like my son, are issued tablets in high school, and most have had experience of online learning during the Covid lockdowns. Taking the travelling aspect out of the tutoring equation also helps, not to mention that online we have access to a larger pool of appropriate and suitable tutors rather than just settling for whoever is available locally.
Thanks to Caledonia Tutors and Jessie, my son is now much happier with his understanding of Physics and is feeling much more confident about his upcoming Higher exam.

Rhona Gill 3rd May 2022

Tutor support
We had Ben tutor my son. Ben really helped him gain the confidence and understanding of Maths and Physics in a friendly and helpful manner.

Charlotte Parkins 27th April 2022

Great, patient maths tutor
Anna was a great support for my daughter who was studying for Maths Higher exam. She was very patient and worked well with my daugther. It was a bonus that she was also available to answer those small silly questions every once in awhile, when not in a session.

Adian of Caledonia Tutors was very easy and professional to work with. Nice to see a young company, full of young students and professionals working with the next generation. Thank you.

Ruth Moir 26th April 2022

Eve is excellent
Eve started tutoring my son in Chemistry recently and I cannot believe how quickly he has grown in confidence. Covid and lockfowns had taken a toll but with Eve's excellent teaching he is now really well prepared and feeling confident about his exam this week. She is calm, encouraging and engaging and i would have no hesitation in recommending Eve
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