Headstart Courses

Available 28th June – 22nd August 2021.

What is Headstart?

Our Headstart Courses are designed to prepare students for their upcoming year of learning, by teaching them 30-40% of the course over summer. Students are then provided with a test at the end of the course, to consolidate their learning. After which tutors will provide further guidance to get them in the best position possible for the new school year. Headstart courses are offered for Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and soon English.

Why Headstart?

Track Progress – After the 20 hours of teaching, students will have an additional hour of tutoring to go through an at-home exam that they are set at the end of the course. 

Easily Manageable  With only 4 hours teaching per week, student’s have plenty of time off and should feel less pressured in the new academic year. 

Ensure Success – The difficulty in progressing from Nat 5 to Higher is regularly menioned by students. Our Headstart courses ensure students are prepared for the level of work required to have success at Nat 5/Higher. 

Be Prepared  Course notes, worksheets and practice papers are all provided.

Stay ahead  If your child wants to continue with their tutor, they will be eligible for 1 free lesson at the beginning of the new academic year.

We have been using Caledonia Tutors for the last 6 months for support with the Nat5 curriculum and have been extremely impressed with the quality of the tutors, their engagement and the standard of the tailor-made service. We have also joined with another student for shared physics lessons and this seems to work brilliantly too. We will be continuing to use this service for Highers when the time comes.
My son was struggling with Nat 5 Maths and Chemistry especially after lockdown. He now has Daniel and Aidan tutoring him twice per week and is feeling much more confident with both subjects. Setting up the sessions was really quick and easy. Both tutors have an excellent knowledge of the curriculum and teach in such a way my son understands and actually enjoys the lessons.
Shawn McIndoe
Shawn McIndoe
My daughter was struggling with two subjects for her NAT 5 exams and this was causing her to be really upset and worried. A friend recommended Caledonia Tutors as he had similar issues with his daughter. The service provided has been very professional and it was so simple to set up the online tutoring, both tutors are so friendly and helpful, they accommodate changes when required. My daughters confidence in these subjects has grown so much and I believe she is learning more here than she is from the online school lessons.
We have Ella for Chemistry. She’s patient and thorough on a subject my son finds difficult. Her lessons are definitely helping! Caledonia Tutors is well managed and very professional. They were recommended to me and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them either.
Mrs Anila Ali
Mrs Anila Ali
The Tutors are very easy going, explain things really well to my son. My son's understanding of the subjects has improved.

Available Headstart Courses 2021

Scheduling Information

  • 20 hours of teaching + 1 hour end of course additional help
  • 2×2 hours sessions per week (10-15 break if required)
  • Delivered over 5-week period (breaks for holidays can be arranged)
  • Lessons are online, more info can be found on this here
  • Start Dates: 28th June-16th July (flexible if required)

Maths Headstart

National 5 Maths Headstart 

  • Equations, Inequations and Changing the Subject of the Formula
  • Expanding Brackets, Factorising
  • Fractions, Functions, Indices and Surds
  • The Straight line
  • Statistics

Full Course Details

Headstart Higher Maths

  • Essential Nat 5 Skills 
  • The Straight Line 
  • Polynomials and Quadratics
  • Functions 
  • Differentiation 1
  • Integration 1 

Full Course Details

Biology Headstart

Biology Tuition

National 5 Biology Headstart 

  • Cell Structure and Transport
  • Producing New Cells
  • DNA and Protein Production
  • Proteins and Enzymes
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Photosynthesis and Respiration

Full Course Details

Headstart Higher Biology

  • DNA Structure and Organisation
  • Replication of DNA
  • Gene Expression
  • Differentiation in Multicellular Organisms
  • Structure of the Genome
  • Mutations

Full Course Details

Chemistry Headstart

Chemistry Tuition

National 5 Chemistry Headstart 

  • Atoms, Elements and Compounds
  • Reaction Rates
  • The Mole and Gram Formula Mass
  • Acids, Bases and pH
  • Chemistry Calculations

Full Course Details

Headstart Higher Chemistry

  • Nat 5 Chemistry Essential Skills
  • Controlling the Rate
  • Trends in The Periodic Table 
  • Bonding of Elements 
  • Bonding of Compounds 

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Physics Headstart

Physics Tuition

National 5 Physics Headstart 

  • Prefixes and Scientific Notation
  • Speed and Acceleration
  • Forces, Motion and Energy
  • Scalars and Vectors
  • Projectiles
  • Space Exploration

Full Course Details

Headstart Higher Physics

  • Motion: Equations and Graphs
  • Forces, Energy and Power
  • Collisions, Explosions and Impulse
  • Gravitation 
  • Gravity and Mass 
  • Special Relativity
  • The Expanding Universe

Full Course Details

English Headstart

English Tuition

National 5 English Headstart 

  • RUAE Work
  • Critical Reading
  • Folio Work
  • Developing Literary Techniques
  • Discussion of at-home assessment

Full Course Details

Headstart Higher English

  • RUAE Work
  • Critical Reading
  • Folio Work 
  • Developing Literary Techniques 
  • Discussion of at-home assessment 

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