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Learn From The Comfort of Home!

Learn From The Comfort of Home!

 Message from Owner - Aidan Thomson

Message from Owner - Aidan Thomson


We initially began offering online lessons in response to Coronavirus-related lockdowns. However, it soon became apparent with advances in technologies (faster WiFi, new video calling software, and whiteboard software) that online lessons could be just as beneficial as in-person lessons. This is exemplified by recent parent and tutor feedback. While we ensure that set up is straightforward, should you encounter any difficulties we can arrange a video call where we will walk you through all of the steps.

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Tutoring Services in Edinburgh Glasgow and Online Across Scotland

Step 1: Email/Text/Call us or complete the Contact Form

Caledonia Tutors Edinburgh Glasgow and Online Across Scotland

Step 2: Create Miro account and download the software

Caledonia Tutors Edinburgh Glasgow and Online Across Scotland

Step 3: Create Zoom account

Caledonia Tutors Edinburgh Glasgow and Online Across Scotland

Step 4: Purchase Huion 420 Graphics Tablet or iPad Stylus

Help Videos

If you’re struggling with setting up your Miro account or installing the correct tablet driver, check out the videos below.

I was a bit concerned about tutoring online but it has been brilliant. The virtual whiteboard that’s used makes it easy to see what’s going on so really helps understanding. Not having any travelling time to and from the tutor makes it so much more efficient. Plus the amount of resources you can access from the tutor is excellent. Really cannot fault it.

Pauline Kerr (Parent)

Pauline's daughter has Hattie as a Physics tutor.

My son has Rosie as his Higher English tutor. Highly recommend. English is not his favourite subject and she has really helped to engage him. He definitely feels the benefit of the sessions. The online system works perfectly and would 100% recommend.

Nicola Maxwell (Parent)

Nicola's son has Rosie as an English tutor

I have found the online lessons with Aidan really helpful. The online whiteboard and the tablet work great for Maths and I always feel much more confident on the topic after my lessons.  I like that there’s no travelling involved and I can do lessons from my room.

Maria Thompson (Student)

Maria has Aidan as a Maths tutor

My daughter was hesitant to try online tutoring initially, but now I don’t think she would go back to in person! The system Caledonia Tutors has in place works seamlessly. My daughter says she gets more work done in lessons now than she used to as well. It also makes planning and rescheduling lessons far more convenient and straightforward. I cannot recommend it enough, and my advice would be to anyone thinking of starting to give it a try!

Rachel Stewart (Parent)

Rachel's daughter has Guin as an English tutor

I think online lessons work extremely well for those students who have enough self-discipline to pay attention. Then I can get everything across just as well if not better than in person lessons. Also getting an iPad and stylus really helped, now I think I find it more efficient than in-person lessons.

Eszter Sojtory (BSc Biomedical Sciences)

Biology and Chemistry Tutor

After each initial session, I genuinely believe the online whiteboard application creates the same collaborative feeling as in-person tutoring. Also, I’ve found a couple of my tutees have had their lessons quite spaced (for example going a whole week without an actual maths lesson) so I think they’ve found it beneficial to have something more consistent like tutoring in place to ensure they keep on top of their knowledge

Jack Charters (BSc Maths with Biology)

Biology and Maths Tutor

I moved to online teaching back in March and over the last several months have come to genuinely prefer it to in-person lessons. It gives both myself and my student a more flexible timetable without restricting any of our normal lesson content. I have also found that it is the superior medium for more self-conscious or unconfident students and can encourage more regular and open communication between the student and the tutor. For History and English the contents of my lessons are largely unchanged: we review set work and discuss improvements and strategies. However, when I set short work during the lesson it gives the student the illusion of privacy while they work. I find it removes a lot of the pressure to perform that comes for a student with in-person lessons and helps to build confidence.

Nicole Mcgovern (BSc Biomedical Sciences)

English and History Tutor


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