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Learn From The Comfort of Home!

Learn From The Comfort of Home!

 Message from Owner - Aidan Thomson

Message from Owner - Aidan Thomson


We initially began offering online lessons in response to Coronavirus-related lockdowns. However, it soon became apparent with advances in technologies (faster WiFi, new video calling software, and whiteboard software) that online lessons could be just as beneficial as in-person lessons. This is exemplified by recent parent and tutor feedback. While we ensure that set up is straightforward, should you encounter any difficulties we can arrange a video call where we will walk you through all of the steps.

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An incredible 95% of our students now receive online tutoring.

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I was a bit concerned about tutoring online but it has been brilliant. The virtual whiteboard that’s used makes it easy to see what’s going on so really helps understanding. Not having any travelling time to and from the tutor makes it so much more efficient. Plus the amount of resources you can access from the tutor is excellent. Really cannot fault it.

Pauline Kerr - Parent (Source: TrustPilot)

Pauline's daughter had Hattie as a Physics tutor

Caitlin (English) and Cara (business) were an excellent help for my son’s highers. Online tutoring was easy to organise and tutors responsive to contacts.

Tracey Baird - Parent (Source: TrustPilot)

Tracey's son had Caitlin and Cara as English and Business tutors

Gracie has helped my son very effectively in English. My son had been put in the wrong set at school …the tutor helped us with understanding of his ability and school moved him up a set. Thank goodness for Gracie!! She patiently listens and explains concepts well on his level … they have fun , learn effectively and get on really well in the Nat 5 online lessons. She has quite a fun dynamic style of teaching so her pupil feels more involved. Fingers crossed he keeps up the new level of interest… Thanks for helping us Gracie. You are a talented tutor.

mikeandfi - Parent (Source: TrustPilot)

mikeandfi's son has Gracie as an English tutor

I am so happy I discovered Caledonia Tutors. I live in a rural area in the Highlands and was finding it hard to find a tutor for my son locally. After searching online I came across Caledonia Tutors – and I haven’t looked back! I answered a few thorough questions to help them find the best tutor to suit my son’s needs. Jessie has been tutoring my son in Higher Physics for the past few months and I can’t speak highly enough of her. Jessie’s knowledge, enthusiasm and love of her subject shines through, and she has not only helped my son with his learning of the subject but has infected him with her passion for it too – just when his was starting to wane under the pressure of looming exams! Jessie is friendly and approachable yet professional and focussed, and I would not hesitate to recommend her. Jessie: thank you – we will miss you when this is all over!
For anybody unsure about the online aspect of tutoring I would say that our young people are very familiar with using digital technology for their lessons already – many, like my son, are issued tablets in high school, and most have had experience of online learning during the Covid lockdowns. Taking the travelling aspect out of the tutoring equation also helps, not to mention that online we have access to a larger pool of appropriate and suitable tutors rather than just settling for whoever is available locally.
Thanks to Caledonia Tutors and Jessie, my son is now much happier with his understanding of Physics and is feeling much more confident about his upcoming Higher exam.

N.M. - Parent (Source: TrustPilot)

N.M.'s son had Jessie as a Physics tutor

Will’s positive, fun and relaxed approach made a huge difference to our daughters confidence. He quickly developed rapport despite tutoring online and has really helped increase her skills and her confidence. Thank you!

Ashlie Turner - Parent (Source: TrustPilot)

Ashlie's daughter had Will as a Maths tutor

My son has Rosie as his Higher English tutor. Highly recommend. English is not his favourite subject and she has really helped to engage him. He definitely feels the benefit of the sessions. The online system works perfectly and would 100% recommend.

Nicola Maxwell - Parent (Source: Google Reviews)

Nicola's son has Rosie as an English tutor

My daughter was hesitant to try online tutoring initially, but now I don’t think she would go back to in person! The system Caledonia Tutors has in place works seamlessly. My daughter says she gets more work done in lessons now than she used to as well. It also makes planning and rescheduling lessons far more convenient and straightforward. I cannot recommend it enough, and my advice would be to anyone thinking of starting to give it a try!

Rachel Stewart - Parent (Source: Google Reviews)

Rachel's daughter has Guin as an English tutor

I think online lessons work extremely well for those students who have enough self-discipline to pay attention. Then I can get everything across just as well if not better than in person lessons. Also getting an iPad and stylus really helped, now I think I find it more efficient than in-person lessons.

Eszter Sojtory (BSc Biomedical Sciences)

Biology and Chemistry Tutor

After each initial session, I genuinely believe the online whiteboard application creates the same collaborative feeling as in-person tutoring. Also, I’ve found a couple of my tutees have had their lessons quite spaced (for example going a whole week without an actual maths lesson) so I think they’ve found it beneficial to have something more consistent like tutoring in place to ensure they keep on top of their knowledge

Jack Charters (BSc Maths with Biology)

Biology and Maths Tutor

I moved to online teaching back in March and over the last several months have come to genuinely prefer it to in-person lessons. It gives both myself and my student a more flexible timetable without restricting any of our normal lesson content. I have also found that it is the superior medium for more self-conscious or unconfident students and can encourage more regular and open communication between the student and the tutor. For History and English the contents of my lessons are largely unchanged: we review set work and discuss improvements and strategies. However, when I set short work during the lesson it gives the student the illusion of privacy while they work. I find it removes a lot of the pressure to perform that comes for a student with in-person lessons and helps to build confidence.

Nicole Mcgovern (BSc Biomedical Sciences)

English and History Tutor


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Customer Reviews

Caledonia Tutors

Customer Reviews

Nicola Charles 8th October 2023

English Summer Tutoring
My son had Georgia over the summer as a tutor and he really enjoyed the sessions. We decided to get him some tutoring because he got 3/30 in one of his tests. He did a similar test recently and scored 17/30, so a huge improvement. He is going to continue with English for the rest of his Nat 5 year.

Paul I 4th October 2023

Fantastic services provided by Caledonia Tutors and especially Hermione the Maths Tutor. Hermione did a great job tutoring my daughter to achieve her Nat 5 grade when at one stage before her help all hope of a pass grade seemed lost. The weekly lessons were structured very well and flexible to suit both needs and when required, wouldn’t hesitate to recommend both Caledonia and Hermione!!

Mrs Amanda Hay 27th September 2023

Cannot rate Caledonia Tutors highly enough. In particular , Georgia who is outstanding ! My daughter went from a no award for her Nat5 English prelim to an ‘A’ in the final exam - she is absolutely delighted ! Georgia is a lovely girl who is patient and understanding of all things teenage , and also is a natural when it comes to imparting knowledge . My normally very socially awkward daughter absolutely loves her . Aidan at Caledonia Tutors is excellent at selecting the correct tutor for each individual .Would highly recommend, we are using again this year for Higher !

Trish 22nd August 2023

Higher English Tutor - Alannah
I couldn't be more pleased with my daughters Higher English tutor - Alannah. She was exactly what she needed, understanding her gaps and explaining them so thoroughly. She helped her so much. Thank-you

ShaM 21st August 2023

Excellent Professional Tutoring
Brilliant professional company, offering first class tutoring by university students. We used Catriona G, for tutoring Biology and Chemistry. Catriona helped with with my daughter’s understanding of the subjects and she gained grades A for both in her final exams. Catriona was knowledgeable, relatable, and helpful. I highly recommend Catriona and Caledonia Tutors.

helpfuldad 16th August 2023

Excellent French tutor and organisation
Caledonia tutors was recommended when we were looking for a French tutor for my daughter who was sitting Scottish Highers. The process of finding and arranging regular tutoring sessions was very easy. Clare Stadnik is an amazing teacher. Very organised and put my daughter at ease from the get go. Clare instilled confidence in my daughter for Higher French and when the results came we were all thrilled! A grade in French! Thank you Clare and Aidan. Highly recommended.

Nicholas Clark 11th August 2023

Lucy undertook tutoring for our daughter for N5 maths this year. She did a fantastic job and our daughters result reflected Lucy’s hard work, dedication and ability to raise our daughters confidence to achieve in Maths. Extremely grateful. Thank you- I cannot recommend Caledonia tutors highly enough.

Kirstina Thomson 8th August 2023

I found Caledonian Tutors to be very easy and efficient to work with; from the initial emails about what we needed and expectations, to the tutor. Both Aidan Thomson and Aidan J, our Chemistry tutor were brilliant and kept us informed of progress. The results achieved speak for themselves - my son went from a pre-lim D, to an A at Nat5 thanks to the dedication and support of Aidan J and Caledonian tutors.

Rebecca Gilson 29th July 2023

Kirsty was a thorough and well prepared physics tutor. My son really enjoyed the sessions with her and found them very productive.

Ethan Cavaye 16th June 2023

Amazing experience with Gracie
Gracie was an outstanding tutor, she made my 6th year at school so much easier. She helped me through my Higher English and Drama with ease and helped me understand it so much more! Not only was gracie amazing at helping with my courses, she ws also extremely freindly, funny and caring. I definately reccomend Gracie to those needing a little extra help with their Higher english and drama! 10/10
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