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English Testimonials

Rosie was always happy to answer any questions I had and was very helpful when it came close to my exam. Would recommend her to anyone looking for an English tutor.

James L - Student

English (National 5)

Amy was a very good tutor and she used to laugh a lot. She used to bring books for me to read which I liked. I would like to have Amy back as a tutor in the future.

Tibbo I - Student

English (Primary)

Rosie’s excellent tutoring boosted my son’s confidence prior to his National 5 English and definitely helped him achieve the A grade. Alongside subject-specific knowledge, she gave him study techniques that benefitted him in other subjects too.” 

Anna L - Parent

English (National 5, Higher)

Just to say again how pleased we are with quality of both Ruby and Jack. My son has his prelims next week and preparations seem to be going really well.

Alan W - Parent

English (Higher)

After having a month of lesson with Jade, I must say she is amazing at teaching. She is very friendly and explains things well. I feel much more confident with English now.

Mitushi R - Student

English (National 5)

Amy was kind patient and very inspiring. We saw Anna’s interest in the subject growing and developing well. She was encouraged to work hard with different learning tricks which helped boost her confidence and made her believe she had the ability to succeed. Amy went out of her way to help Anna, for which we were really grateful.

Eleanor S - Parent

English (Higher)

Our son was taught by Kate Wilkinson in English for a few weeks. Delighted to say he got 78%. A real improvement. Thank you so much for your recommendation and quick response..

Mrs B - Parent

English (National 4)

I would highly recommend Guin for tutoring. She has an engaging personality and my daughter settled in quickly with her. My daughter worked well with her and would always let her know areas she was struggling with. Guin was always honest about Lucy’s progress and offered plenty of resources to help reinforce what they had been learning in the previous lesson.

Ian D - Parent

English (Higher)

Maths Testimonials

Tia was very happy with Fraser’s Maths lessons – she felt he explained things to her with a lot of patience and in a way that helped her understand. Aidan at Caledonia Tutor’s was very helpful in setting up the lessons, and running them efficiently. We were sad to see him go and would recommend Fraser & Caledonia Tutors to anyone looking for a good Maths tutor

Stephen H - Parent

Maths (National 5)

Matt as a tutor is effective at helping to explain topics with analogy and explain how things work. Another positive attribute Matt has is he pushes you, he is able to start you off and guide you when you need help, not only helping me learn but also guiding me. I’ve gained a lot of confidence with Matt’s tutoring as he reassures me when help is needed, further helping me in exams to be confident, he is also great at explaining patiently and encourages me to try but also learn from my mistakes. I would recommend Matt to others as he is an excellent tutor and can help a lot.

Stuart C - Parent

Maths (Higher)

Jack is a very kind and polite teacher. As we’re a similar age, we get along very well. I understand every time he teaches me something because he explains it in a very simple and easy way.

Fareed M - Student

Maths (Higher)

I am so pleased that I found Caledonia Tutors. They have been very helpful and efficient. My son was immediately at ease with his tutor (Omar) and is finding the lessons very helpful.

Nicky L - Parent

Maths (National 5)

Callum was a very patient man with a wealth of knowledge in the field of mathematics. Extremely easy to work with as his immense skills do not only apply to his tutoring ability but to his social skills as well.

Ruairi M - Student

Maths (National 5)

Can I just say that Aidan has been a godsend! What a great guy. I only wish we’d had him sooner. My daughter is feeling much better about her exam now. I think she’d forgotten a lot of things, but Aidan has been so patient and respectful with her that she’s feeling much better about it now.

Jen H - Parent

Maths (Higher)

Héloïse tutored me in mathematics over the summer. She taught me complicated mathematical concepts I had never heard of before and ensured I understood by giving lively examples and helping me through exercises that got gradually harder and harder. She was always very soft and understanding even when I struggled to understand at first, and always kept things fun and entertaining! I would definitely recommend her.

James L - Student

English (National 5)

My son finds Zach very good at explaining different topics. He is patient, understanding and easy to approach with questions. My son is pleased Zach is also now helping with his Chemistry.

Jill C - Parent

Maths (Higher)

Martin is a good teacher who always comes prepared and is dedicated to making Maths easy to understand. I have been very happy with the results of his teaching. 

Ruairi M - Student

Maths (National 5)

Callum was polite and hard working. He was able to connect with my teenage son and they built a good rapport. This ensured my son would work hard at his maths. If my son had any difficulties Callum would cover the issue until he understood. A genuine guy with a heart of gold.

Angela M - Parent

Maths (National 5)

Thomas was a super lad, who Brodie immediately connected with and whilst I didn’t ‘listen in’, Brodie said that the work they did together really did help him. Thank you for both your and Thomas help, it was much appreciated.

Linsay M - Parent

Maths (National 5)

Martin is an excellent teacher. He is always on time, and always prepared to answer any of my questions. I’m very happy with my experience so far.

Mario B - Student

Maths (National 5)

I met Fraser for tuition for Advanced Higher Maths in January after getting a a C in the prelim. He was an excellent tutor, always explained things well and in more than one way and made sure I understood what I was doing before moving on. Fraser would prepare lessons in advance and ask what I was wanting to go over in the next lesson so no time was wasted. I am hoping to have achieved an A grade in the exam, which I couldn’t of achieved without Fraser. I would recommend him to people of all abilities.

Josh B - Student

Maths (Advanced Higher)

I am enjoying my maths tutoring, Omar is friendly, patient and easy to work with. He takes the time to explain questions that I find difficult.

Ruairi M - Student

Maths (National 5)

Science Testimonials

My daughter has been working with Nav for a wee while now for her Chemistry tuition and she’s been really good at explaining things and has improved her confidence levels. She’s a lovely person who takes her time and doesn’t rush through the work so my daughter feels comfortable asking her questions she might not have in class. Highly recommend!

Nicola H - Parent

Chemistry (National 5)

Héloïse helped me with physics, chemistry and biology in my last year of high school. She was always very patient and allowed me to understand concepts I had never understood with teachers or doing personal homework. She has a very lively way of explaining difficult things and helped me work my way through the curriculum at my own pace, while being supported by her advice and exercises.

Yana B - Student

Biology (National 5)

We found our son’s tutor to be really competent. My son’s understanding was greatly improved and his grades demonstrated this. Our tutor was very kind and understanding who got on very well with my son. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Angie B - Parent

Chemistry (National 5)

Aidan has been working with my son for the last year on Maths, Chemistry and Physics. The improvement in his confidence was noticeable after the very first session and learning these subjects became a pleasure again.  He really benefitted from the opportunity to discuss difficult concepts 1:1 and has blossomed as the months have gone by, scoring all A grades in his prelim National 5’s. Aidan is friendly and approachable, always punctual and efficient, and forms a friendly, cooperative and effective working relationship with his students. We will definitely be keeping him on for support with Highers and I recommend him unreservedly.

Dee A - Parent

Chemistry, Physics (National 5)

Eszter is always patient and willing to explain difficult concepts. I have seen a noticeable improvement in both my enjoyment and appreciation of chemistry.

Mario B - Student

Chemistry (National 5)

I found Lara to be conscientious, reliable and flexible. Charlotte said Lara really helped to make her feel more confident with Chemistry. She was organised and patient – she took time with her if she didn’t understand something.

Jacqueline L - Parent

Chemistry (National 5)

We are singing your praises this morning! To think last year Dylan got a no mention for Maths and an A this year. Your tutoring was the difference! I’m also delighted with his C in Physics. And beyond the grades, you have given Dylan faith in his own abilities – and that is priceless! Thank you so much!!

Susan H - Parent

Physics (Higher)

Nav is always happy to help, explaining things well. She is friendly and is approachable to ask if I have any questions. I went from getting 27% in a school exam to 84% with Nav’s help!

Elle A - Student

Chemistry (National 5)

Fran’s general knowledge and understanding of my subject was invaluable. She is an extremely caring individual, and this resonated in the countless hours she invested in my revision. She is patient and considerate, but also pushed me to recall and retain all the information I set out to. I felt more confident going into this exam than ever before, and I would recommend Fran as an academic tutor without hesitation.

Megan G - Student

Biology (1st Year University)

All the hard work with Lara identifying problem areas on past papers really paid off with me gaining an ‘A’ in my NAT 5 exam! Thank-you Lara.

Christian R - Student

Chemistry (National 5)

The Physics exam was easy and almost exactly like past papers we had done. Your tutoring was perfect and what I needed at the time. Thank you so much and see you next year for Higher Maths and Physics.

Charlie C - Student

Chemistry (National 5)

Other Testimonials

Caitlin Brough tutored me for GCSE Business Studies. Her tutoring helped me understand exactly what to learn for the exam. She was always so friendly and would answer all of my questions. She helped me go from a low B in my mocks to an A* in my exam.

Sophie W - Student

Business Studies (GCSE)

Guin was my daughter’s tutor for Higher History last year. I would recommend her wholeheartedly to any parent looking for a History tutor. My daughter loved lessons with her and her grade improved substantially over the 4 months we had Guid as a tutor.

Yvonne S - Parent

History (Higher)

Aidan’s tuition for the Maths and Physics content for the Cambridge University BMAT exam was absolutely invaluable. By targeting specific areas within the specification, it quickly became clear that his teaching is very closely aligned to the needs of the student. His patience and commitment absolutely cannot be overstated. He was able to really boost my confidence in areas that were previously my weaknesses, allowing me to walk into the test with so much more confidence than I had expected. Recently, I have been offered a place to study medicine at the University of Cambridge – something that would never had been possible had I not achieved a high BMAT score.

Alex D - Student

BMAT (Cambridge University)

Martin is an absolutely wonderful tutor. After I had my first computing session with him, I felt like it made the whole course easier, because he explains things so clearly. He’s helped me so much, particularly when I have important exams coming. We programme together, and he shows me tips that I didn’t know before.

Mitushi R - Student

Computer Studies (National 5)

Customer Reviews

Caledonia Tutors

Customer Reviews

Nicola Charles 8th October 2023

English Summer Tutoring
My son had Georgia over the summer as a tutor and he really enjoyed the sessions. We decided to get him some tutoring because he got 3/30 in one of his tests. He did a similar test recently and scored 17/30, so a huge improvement. He is going to continue with English for the rest of his Nat 5 year.

Paul I 4th October 2023

Fantastic services provided by Caledonia Tutors and especially Hermione the Maths Tutor. Hermione did a great job tutoring my daughter to achieve her Nat 5 grade when at one stage before her help all hope of a pass grade seemed lost. The weekly lessons were structured very well and flexible to suit both needs and when required, wouldn’t hesitate to recommend both Caledonia and Hermione!!

Mrs Amanda Hay 27th September 2023

Cannot rate Caledonia Tutors highly enough. In particular , Georgia who is outstanding ! My daughter went from a no award for her Nat5 English prelim to an ‘A’ in the final exam - she is absolutely delighted ! Georgia is a lovely girl who is patient and understanding of all things teenage , and also is a natural when it comes to imparting knowledge . My normally very socially awkward daughter absolutely loves her . Aidan at Caledonia Tutors is excellent at selecting the correct tutor for each individual .Would highly recommend, we are using again this year for Higher !

Trish 22nd August 2023

Higher English Tutor - Alannah
I couldn't be more pleased with my daughters Higher English tutor - Alannah. She was exactly what she needed, understanding her gaps and explaining them so thoroughly. She helped her so much. Thank-you

ShaM 21st August 2023

Excellent Professional Tutoring
Brilliant professional company, offering first class tutoring by university students. We used Catriona G, for tutoring Biology and Chemistry. Catriona helped with with my daughter’s understanding of the subjects and she gained grades A for both in her final exams. Catriona was knowledgeable, relatable, and helpful. I highly recommend Catriona and Caledonia Tutors.

helpfuldad 16th August 2023

Excellent French tutor and organisation
Caledonia tutors was recommended when we were looking for a French tutor for my daughter who was sitting Scottish Highers. The process of finding and arranging regular tutoring sessions was very easy. Clare Stadnik is an amazing teacher. Very organised and put my daughter at ease from the get go. Clare instilled confidence in my daughter for Higher French and when the results came we were all thrilled! A grade in French! Thank you Clare and Aidan. Highly recommended.

Nicholas Clark 11th August 2023

Lucy undertook tutoring for our daughter for N5 maths this year. She did a fantastic job and our daughters result reflected Lucy’s hard work, dedication and ability to raise our daughters confidence to achieve in Maths. Extremely grateful. Thank you- I cannot recommend Caledonia tutors highly enough.

Kirstina Thomson 8th August 2023

I found Caledonian Tutors to be very easy and efficient to work with; from the initial emails about what we needed and expectations, to the tutor. Both Aidan Thomson and Aidan J, our Chemistry tutor were brilliant and kept us informed of progress. The results achieved speak for themselves - my son went from a pre-lim D, to an A at Nat5 thanks to the dedication and support of Aidan J and Caledonian tutors.

Rebecca Gilson 29th July 2023

Kirsty was a thorough and well prepared physics tutor. My son really enjoyed the sessions with her and found them very productive.

Ethan Cavaye 16th June 2023

Amazing experience with Gracie
Gracie was an outstanding tutor, she made my 6th year at school so much easier. She helped me through my Higher English and Drama with ease and helped me understand it so much more! Not only was gracie amazing at helping with my courses, she ws also extremely freindly, funny and caring. I definately reccomend Gracie to those needing a little extra help with their Higher english and drama! 10/10
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